Concept2 Model D

The Concept2 Model D is a rowing machine perfect for anyone who is looking to stay in shape, cross train for similar sports, or water competition. This rowing machine, like many rowing machines, is able to accommodate several main muscle groups while practicing one solid motion over and over again. The Concept2 Model D will work your arms, chest, abdominals, back, and legs. The Concept 2 Model D is sure to burn tons of calories because all these muscle groups are being used simultaneously. When building muscle mass in different areas of the body, you will begin to burn more calories at a resting rate because muscle burns more than fat. With this sped up metabolism, you will see the benefits of using the Concept2 Model D even while resting! In addition, the low-impact rhythm of this rowing machine makes it easy to get a great workout without putting major stress on your knees and ankles. You no longer have to sacrifice your joints for an intense cardio workout!

The Concept2 Model D offers a quiet flywheel that allows you to workout in peace. By minimizing the noise made from using the machine, you will be able to feel the smooth motion of rowing without being bogged down by excessive noise. The Concept2 Model D  also has a spiral damper so rowers can choose if they want to imitate a sleek, fast board or a heavy, slow boat. The seat of the Concept2 Model D slides while you row for maximum comfort. As you row, the seat slides, compressed, and extends your legs out with every stroke. The Concept 2 Model D  allows for an incredible strength and flexibility workout for your back and arms, as well as your abdomens. Many people who have used this rowing machine also claimed that the rhythmic nature of this workout helped them to clear their head and was a great stress reliever at the end of the day.

The Concept2 Model D  includes a PM3 performance monitor with the ability to accurately track pace, distance, speed, calories, and watts. This performance monitor also offers a five display option for rowers including data, force curve, rowing with a pace boat, bar chart, and large print. This computer also gives you a great list of features in the menu. From the menu, you can select favorite and preset workouts, trails against a pace boat or previous performance, animated rowers that can teach techniques, multiple language options, and FISH games. Concept2 also offers access to a rowing community so you can stay motivated. There are tons of online challenges and ranking systems as well as the Million Meter Club.

The Concept 2 Model D also features an aluminum capped rail with a stainless-steel track so you have have the smoothest seat movements available. The Concept2 Model D  also bhas adjustable and flexible footrests and an extremely comfortable, ergonomic handle that allows you to have a natural arm and hand position while rowing. There is also a removable LogCard available with the Concept2 Model D  that can store your personal preferences and workout data. The Concept2 Model D an optional Polar receiever that is sold separately to monitor your hear rate. This rowing machine also has a USB interface for simple data transfers to and from your computer, a collapsible frame for convenient transport and storage, as well as caster wheels for mobility.

Many reviewers of the Concept2 Model D have loved it and lost large amounts of weight. While this rowing machine is great for large amounts of weigh loss, the Concept2 Model D  is also fully capable of keeping you toned and in shape. The reviewers of this rowing machine were thoroughly pleased with the full body workout it offered. Users said that the Concept2 Model D  arrived quickly and set up was a breeze. Many owners of the Concept2 Model D claimed the rower literally snapped together. Many reviewers also said the Concept2 Model D was extremely sturdy and could hold heavier builds. Several owners of the Concept2 Model D  said that two years after consistent use, it was still in perfect condition and they have recommended it to many of their friends.

Concept2 Model D Specs

Length: 8’
Width: 24”
Seat Height: 14”
Weight of Machine: 57 lbs
Space Recommended for Use: 9’ X 4’
Stored Dimensions: 25" x 33" x 53"H
Maximum User Weight: 500lbs