Kettler Favorit

The Kettler Favorit is a top of the line Kettler dual-piston resistance rowing machine. The dual-piston rowing technology of the Kettler Favorit provides a sculpting cardio workout for your core and arms while mimicking the same motion as rowing in the water. The incredibly stable frame of the Kettler Favorit can hold up to 285 lbs, allowing users of almost any body type to enjoy a workout experience identical to being on a real boat. The Kettler Favorit also features a raised seat rail that allows getting on and off the machine easier than ever. The gravity-assist return on the Kettler Favorit also allows for a natural seat motion. The performance monitor computer system of the Kettler Favorit shows six monitored readouts at once so you don’t have to scroll through multiple readouts such as on other competing rowing machines. The performance monitor on the Kettler Favorit tracks stroke rating with an audible setting, calories burned, the number of strokes rowed, time tracking, pulse, automatic display alternation, target settings, and a pulse read out.

The piston resistance of the Kettler Favorit is similar to other rowing machines, but can hold a maximum weight capacity of 285 lbs. The piston resistance offers a space-saving frame that makes the Kettler Favorit easy to store. Because of the piston style of the Kettler Favorit, this machine is also extremely quiet and well-suited for personal home use. The Kettler Favorit also features a gravity-assisted return seat that is raised in the rear. This approach allows you to save space and eliminates the need for any kind of large flywheel return system. The gentle incline of the Kettler Favorit also allows the rower to glide back toward the front of the unit so you can begin each stroke with comfort and the familiarity of rowing. The handles of the Kettler Favorit also fold forward for compact and convenient storage. These handles also have wrapped grips to protect your hands while you work out. The thickness of the handles also help keep your wrists in position so they don’t become sore after working out.

Our reviewers of the Kettler Favorit seems to be very pleased with their Kettler rowing machine.  They say that the machine works well and the resistance adjustment is fantastic. Many people said the Kettler Favorit was an easy to use, high quality rowing machine. In addition, many people also said that the Kettler Favorit customer service was fantastic. Those who have bought and used this rowing machine agree that the instructions for set up of the Kettler Favorit are very clear and include pictures and diagrams. One reviewer even claimed the Kettler Favorit was so sturdy that they could sit backwards on the seat and do bench presses.

Kettler Favorit Specs

285-lb. maximum user weight capacity
Top of the line German engineering and design
Sturdy steel and aluminium frame construction
Inclined, gravity assist center beam
Foldable rowing arms with padded grips
Hydraulic cylinders with knob-type resistance adjustment
Training computer with visual and audio signals
Wide, articulated, non-slip footrests with easy-adjust straps
Assembled Dimensions: 49 x 31 x 10 ( L x W x H in inches)
Folded Dimensions: 45 x 24 x 18 inches
Product Weight: 47 lbs