Phoenix 98900

The Phoenix 98900 is a power rower developed by Phoenix Health and Fitness. This rower uses a patented resistance system. This resistance system is belt-drive, smooth, quiet, and magnetic. The Phoenix 98900’s resistance systems offers several different resistance levels so that no matter what your fitness level is, you can receive the best workout possible! Most at home rowers use a manual resistance system, but not the Phoenix 98900! This at home rower features a simple-to-use resistance dial so you can change the impact of your workout in a snap. You can either get a fast-paced, low resistance work that will help you to tone down and trim up, or you can enjoy a high-resistance workout that lets you focus on gaining more muscle! The Phoenix 98900 also features a four-window LCD display. This digital display allows you to monitor your entire workout, whether you wish to track your distance, calories, or speed. The greatest feature of the digital display is that you can choose the metric unit you wish to display, either kilometers or miles.

The Phoenix 98900 also features a polyurethane seat that contours and molds to your exact body shape. This provides an extremely comfortable seat so you can focus solely on your workout! The Phoenix 98900 Power Rower measures at 81.5 by 26.4 by 24 inches (that’s W x H x L), and offers a 90 day warranty on all parts of the rower. This power rower also offers a one year warranty on the Phoenix 98900 frame. The slide length of the Phoenix 98900 is 46 inches, offering lots of room for you to work up a sweat. This power rower also folds easily for storage and has wheels on the bottom of the frame so it can easily be moved or stored out of the way. The maximum weight for anyone using the Phoenix 98900 is 250 pounds.

Reviewers of the Phoenix 98900 have been satisfied with the workout this rower provides. Many owners of the Phoenix 98900 claimed it was a condensed workout that worked the stomach, arms, and legs. Many other people who have used the Phoenix 98900 claimed that the gliding motion of the resistance and seat were very fluid and made it easy to get a great workout. One of the biggest details that Phoenix 98900 owners were happy about was the polyurethane seat and how it contoured exactly to their body, allowing them to workout harder, longer, and faster. Overall, those who had either owned or used the Phoenix 98900 were happy with their use and purchase. The Phoenix 98900 offers a multi-functioning and condensed workout.

Phoenix 98900 Specs

Smooth, quiet magnetic resistance for outstanding multiple intensity level workout
Four-window LCD to track speed, distance, time, and estimated calories burned
PU molded seat for comfort
Easy-to-use dial adjustment for resistance
Slide Length: 46"
Folds for storage
Rolls away to easily move or store
Dimensions (open): 81.5" L x 24" W x 26.4" H
Dimensions (folded): 26" L x 24.4" W x 62.2" H